Diversity & Inclusion

Our diversity & inclusion vision at UKTV is to encourage a culture of fairness and respect where we champion difference so that every person feels included and empowered to do their best work


UKTV Together

Together is UKTV's Diversity and Inclusion group, made up of volunteers from across the business who are passionate about championing difference and making UKTV an inclusive and brilliant place to work. The focus and purpose of the group is to truly represent society in our workforce and on-screen, and create a culture of fairness and respect where we champion difference so that every person feels included and empowered to do their best work. The work of UKTV Together sits within the People and Culture strand of UKTV's company strategy, led by Claire Astley, HR Director.

The group first formed as a result of some feedback sessions held in 2018, where it became clear that as a company we needed to give colleagues a space where they could voice any concerns or ideas around diversity and inclusion. Since those first feedback sessions, the group has been on a journey and has achieved so much, but there is still lots more work to do. We now have a D&I strategy and around 50 members of the Together group who are actively involved in one of the Together sub-groups. These sub groups are built around our D&I Strategy and the four main pillars; Leadership and Responsibility, Talent and Development, Culture and Working Environment and On Screen and Production Diversity. There are four Exec Leaders (CEO, HR Director, Director of Commissioning and CTO) who partner with seven Together leads from across the business to drive one of the four pillars.

Racial Equality

During the Black Lives Matter protests in the UK and around the world, we have held listening sessions to facilitate open and honest conversations about racism. We are now running regular Race and Equality sessions with external speakers to keep this important topic at the forefront and to continue the conversation around racism.

UKTV Together Events

Our calendar of events mark the cultural celebrations our colleagues are passionate about. These have included celebrations for Chinese New Year, Diwali, International Women's Day, Easter, Pride, Eid, Notting Hill Carnival, Black History Month and Chanukah. Colleagues ran a programme of learning lounge sessions throughout National Inclusion Week including 'Open Conversation' sessions around Disability, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Social Mobility and Intersectionality.